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We’ve reinvented the (cheese) wheel!

We’re determined to help plant-based cheese secure its rightful place on your cheese board. At Max&Bien, we pledge to continuously reinvent the (cheese!) wheel, pushing back boundaries and creating new and innovative alternatives. Focused on our three core values – culinary, nutritious and sustainable – we’re always on the lookout for even better ingredients and techniques, because that’s the only way to ensure a truly worthy plant-based alternative for on the cheese board.



Flavour is a top priority for us, which is why we always hunt down the very best ingredients. By making cheese that tastes truly irresistible, we will reach more people and achieve more impact.


We’re continuously working to further improve the sustainability of our cheeses. For example, we recently switched to using local ingredients, resulting in lower carbon emissions, reduced water consumption and less food waste thanks to a longer shelf life. And most importantly of all: our vegan cheeses are now even more mouth-wateringly good!


We blijven onze voedingswaarden verbeteren om ervoor te zorgen dat onze kazen méér dan alleen lekker zijn. Zo hebben we aan alle smaken vitamine B12 toegevoegd voor extra voedingswaarde. Deze vitamine ontbreekt binnen een volledig plantaardig voedingspatroon.

We believe that flavour, sustainability and nutrition go hand in hand. It can only truly be called a sustainable solution if it’s good for both people and planet (and tastes delicious too) – and that’s our goal!

A world first: the vegan Gouda cheese wheel

That’s right! In 2021, we were the first in the world to launch a vegan whole cheese, also known as a ‘cheese wheel’. A revolution in the traditional cheese world, this is our way of honouring Dutch cheese-making heritage with our own future-proof product to make your mouth water. So every vegan cheese from Max&Bien is the plant-based variant of a Gouda-style whole cheese or ‘cheese wheel’ – and that’s pretty special!

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